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Kipon Focal Reducer EF-S/E AF

Kipon Focal Reducer EF-S/E AF

Adapter für Canon Objektive auf Sony Mount

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  • Kipon Focal Reducer EF-S/E AF

Product Description

KIPON released new EF-NEX AF autofocus electronic adapter and Baveyes EF-NEX AF autofocus optic adapter, both of two adapters can use full frame canon EF lens on SONY E mount mirrorless cameras (see another listing), and realize autofocus function, former one can be used for SONY APS-C frame E mount body (C3, NEX5, NEX7, A6000?), also can be used on full frame E mount body (A7, A7R, A7S, A7 II..), but when use it on APS-C frame E mount body, there will physically have 1.5x crop factor; the second one have built-in 4 optic element,through special designed optic system, getting rid of the crop factor, to get the same view like full frame lens on full frame cameras.

Kipon's products are always well known because of our stable quality and unique design, compare to other similar products, our these two adapters have better stability and best compatibility.

Best made of metal, durable. Glass made in Germany.

Magnifies focal length to 0.7x, can convert camera lenses to focal length near to those in 35mm format in APS-C NEX cameras. (e.g. 50mm x 1.5 x 0.7 = 52.5mm).

Increase exposure to 1 stop, and you can use faster shutter speed to shoot an image.

Works fine, closely combined with the bayonet smooth, like the original lens.

With unique styling, the lens mount adapter maintains/ enhances professional appearance.

Allow focus infinity.

For Canon EF lens mount over to the SONY NEX camera


Avoid direct shooting to light sources, or otherwise blue spot occurs although blue spot is minimized compared with other focal reducer adapter.

Technical parameters

Max. f-stop pass through: 1.4

Optical design (lenses / groups): 4 / 3

Focal length extension: 0.7x

Image diameter (mm): 28.5

Bayonet front: 135 full frame lens

Bayonet back: Sony NEX, Fuji X

Weight (g): ~150

Titel: Kipon Focal Reducer EF-S/E AF
Menge: 1,000


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